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Over the years, we have received several direct communications in appreciation of our work. In addition, some very large customers have also recognized our good work through special mentions of our company in their in house NewsLetters/Bulletins which are universally accessible.
Construction Project Manager, Evans/Millennium Construction

“The contractor has once again verbally, told me how good he thinks the detailing is on this job and how much he appreciates the quality of your drawings. He has gone so far as to tell me that he will be using our column drawings as an example to other detailers. Thanks again for the hard work.”

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Bill Edmonds J&B Steel Chicago Rebar Group

“I know you don't recognize the name J&B Steel or Bill Edmonds, but I just wanted to say that Your Company kicked ass detailing the foundation of the project at 110 W. Superior with Evans/Millennium Construction for us. We are placing the rebar on this as well as 10 E. Delaware and 1555 S. Wabash with you - you are doing a great job.”

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Marcus Construction INC, Customer of ASF

“ASF, Project Manager says, “We don’t normally receive phone calls of this nature. Our customer was very happy with the detailing and said you did a great job. He hopes to give more of this type of projects next year. Keep up the good work.”

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Construction Project Manager, Motenson Constructions Customer of ASF

“ASF, Project Manager says, we all know how tough this job is, on Monday we had a meeting at the jobsite With Client. Motenson passed on to us a comment from the Engineer, “They are very pleased with the quality of the drawings they have been receiving” Keep up the good work on this tough job…….We thank you all for your hard work and efforts on the very difficult project”

Greg Huber, ASF Top Management

“Team, we were at a meeting on Thursday to address some issues, Greg Huber (MAM) started the meeting out with these statements. We are not here today to talk about placing drawings problems; we are not here today to talk about submittal problems; we are not here today to talk about keeping up with all of the changes because you are doing an excellent job at that and we are impressed with your performance in these areas but, we are here today to talk about………

I wanted to pass this on to everyone because we all know how difficult this job has and will continue to be. I am proud to be a part of this with all of you to see how a team that works together with a common goal can perform to the best of there ability. We are really servicing our customer’s needs and holding true to our mission statement.

It is engineering’s mission to lead Ambassador in its mission to be the preferred provider through understanding and serving our customer’s needs. Keep up the great work.”

Bill Edmunds for J and B Erectors Customer of GA steel.

GA Steel Project Manager, “We don't normally receive phone calls of this nature. But,

I received a call from Bill Edmunds for J and B Erectors, The Iron worker on the 110 W. Superior job. He wanted to say great job on the foundations based on the difficulty of it. Everything went very good and he hopes it continues up the building…”

Customer has Thanks for your efforts and requested to pass along appreciation and comments.”

McWhorter of Bama steel.

Bama Steel Project Manager, “on behalf of my customer McWhorter Construction Company. (Corner High School) they would like to thank your company for an outstanding job on the shop drawing. His exact word was Fantastic. It's always nice to here the words well done.”

Project Manger ASF Steel.

“I enjoy working with Your Company that takes pride in providing a quality product. Keep up the good work!"

Kara Van Valkenburg Engineer on Job for our Customer RPS.

“These were by far the best rebar shop drawings that I have seen as far as completeness and clarity”.